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The ‘Ins’ And ‘Outs’ of Successful Contracts By Steve David

Contracts can be exciting! Learn the real ins and outs from one of the top Brokers in Florida. Complete a contract right at outset, and assure yourself of profitable closings for all concerned. Program includes the recent changes to the FAR/Bar contract... your Instructor does them successfully every day. You will as well! 3 CE credit hours.

Comprehensive Riders By Steve David

You want your contract to close correct? This course insures you'll know what you're writing, the right form for the right transaction and staying out of court. Buyer wants to obtain financing, and doesn't want to risk their deposit, what forms do you use? In this program you'll learn exactly what you need, how to fill it out, and get the deal closed. It's Sunday, you've got a buyer, and you don't know what to do? Spend a few hours in this program and you'll never doubt your skills again. Riders by definition are attached to something because the "something" didn't cover it. Together we'll insure that you'll know what form to use for every type of transaction you'll be involved with. 3 hours CE credit


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