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MLS Statistics

The GFLR MLS Statistics provide invaluable information and stats on the housing market. Find out how many new listings, the available inventory, and sales for a particular month. Since 2005, GFLR has also been providing the Broker MLS StatsPak as another great member benefit. These expanded Statistics break down and expand the statistics into smaller, more detailed pieces.

2012 MLS Statistic

2012 Broker MLS StatsPak

2011 MLS Statistic

2011 Broker MLS StatsPak

2010 MLS Statistic

2010 Broker MLS StatsPak


2009 MLS Statistic

2009 Broker MLS StatsPak

2008 MLS Statistic

2008 Broker MLS StatsPak

2007 MLS Statistic

2007 Broker MLS StatsPak

2006 MLS Statistic

2006 Broker MLS StatsPak



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