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IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding MLXchange & Fusion

MLXchange and Fusion will permanently go offline on June 6th.

As you should already be aware, our MLS vendor, CoreLogic, has been working on sunsetting MLXchange and Fusion. CoreLogic has now provided us with a definitive timeline and MLXchange and Fusion will be permanently taken offline on June 6th. After June, MLXchange and Fusion will no longer be available anywhere in the US and Canada.

As part of this transition, we will be removing the links to MLXchange & Fusion from the Association website TOMORROW, TUESDAY, APRIL 4th. Please plan accordingly.

In order to assist you in getting familiar with Matrix, which will be the only MLS platform available after June 6th, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, created several quick video tutorials, and increased the number of Matrix classes available.

Please contact the MLS Department at mls@r-world.com for any questions/concerns you may have.

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