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Inman Select, an exclusive real estate news service, connects you to the latest news, powerful insights and a community of real estate leaders. It is a complimentary feature of your Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® membership!

Inman Select members get exclusive access to:

  • • Select Breaking News
    Read stories by award- winning journalists who keep you in touch with the very latest news.
  • Daily and Weekly Headlines
    Stay informed with the top stories of the day and week, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • • Select News Analysis
    Better interpret and understand the trends and moves shaping the real estate industry.
  • • Select Special Reports
    Explore the latest tactics and strategies to grow your business and adopt the best technologies and business practices.
  • • Select Interviews
    Sit down with real estate's thought leaders, interviewed by Inman News publisher Brad Inman.
  • • Select Archives Search a database of over 60,000 news articles for research and presentations.
  • • Select Video Vault Discover a repository of hundreds of timely, insightful and entertaining videos with industry leaders.
  • • Inman Connect Live Stream
    Get an all-access pass to watch a live stream of Connect’s keynote speakers.
  • • Select Tech Reviews
    Get the inside scoop from Inman's tech expert on the technology you’re using today and the tools that will be essential to your business tomorrow.
  • • Digital Marketing Kits
    Become a marketing powerhouse with multichannel tools and training from industry experts.
  • • Select Webinars
    Access continuing education essential to your long-term success with live webinars covering a wide range of topics.
  • • Inman Connect Announcements
    Always be the first to know about guest speakers, product launches, discounts and the latest additions to the Connect lineup and schedule.

We are always on the lookout for great opportunities to provide our members with the very best value. This truly is the age of fast-paced information, and providing Inman Select is a perfect avenue to help our area REALTORS® stay up to date on the latest trends and news."

Richard W. Barkett, CEO Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS®


If you need assistance getting started with your Inman Select benefits, contact Inman at customerservice@inman.com or call 1-800-775-4662 and press 1 to reach customer service.


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