Fusion MLS

CoreLogic Fusion Experience

What Is It?

Fusion MLS, was made available March 4th as a search only cross browser compliant program for accessing MLS data. This “New Front End” for MLS, will continue to receive enhancements through out the year. However many members may see immediate value, since it runs against our current MLXchange back end search results will be the same. Today’s significant benefit is allowing search only MLS access for Mac users or other MLS participants wishing to use Firefox, Chrome, Netscape or Safari.

What Does It Cost?

It is provided FREE by MarketLinx for our MLS participants.

What is the projected upgrade schedule?

These first two completed phases (installed on March 4, 2011) provide rudimentary MLS functionality for property searching, printing and emailing. Additional mini releases providing even more functionality are expected over the Summer.

Phase 3 will provide a majority of the remaining requirements for a basic stand-alone MLS and will deployed late 2011.

On Site Training/Classes

Please go to www.R-World.com to check for upcoming courses

Additional Resources

Welcome to Fusion MLS Guide
Fusion MLS™ Fun and Easy User Experience
PowerPoint Slide

Although many of these products do not contain all the Broward County MLS data, GFLR is proud to offer the majority of Broward County MLS data.


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