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Licensed individuals dealing with Real Estate for the purposes of purchasing, refinancing and taxation.

All Florida Title Company

Mark Brown
Phone: 954-566-2200
Cell: 305-297-3106
Fax: 954-566-4560
Website: www.allfloridatitlecompany.com

Title Company and Real Estate Law Firm

Earnest/Tighe Law Firm

Paula Tighe
Phone: 954.525.5644
Cell: 954.804.8644
Fax: 954.525.5799
Website: www.earnestlaw.com

Foremost Title & Escrow Services, LLC

Avanti Maharajh
Phone: 350-935-4440
Cell: 954-683-8328
Fax: 305-935-4470
Website: www.foritlte.net

Gibraltar Title, Inc.

Andrew Dinnerstein
Phone: 954-771-7601
Fax: 954-938-8267
Website: www.youareclosing.com

Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A.

Amy MC Grotty
Phone: 813-443-5087 Ex288
Cell: 954-347-1732
Website: www.gilbertgrouplaw.com

Jackson Singh, PLLC

Racole Jackson, Esq.
Phone: 561-510-6529
Fax: 561-362-2939
Website: www.jacksonsingh.com

Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.

Romy Jurado
Phone: 305-921-0440
Cell: 305-323-0234
Fax: 305-921-0438
Website: www.jflawfirm.com

Kelley & Grant, PA

Jerron Kelley
Phone: 561-672-1161
Cell: 786-205-1745
Fax: 1-877-838-2912
Website: www.kelleygrantlaw.com

Attorneys at Law.

Law Firm of Gary M. Singer, P.A.

Andrew Dinnerstein
Phone: 954-851-1448
Cell: 305-799-7181
Fax: 954-851-1447
Website: www.garysingerlaw.com/

Discount rates provided.

Law Office of Joseph Kohn

Joseph Kohn
Phone: 954-332-3111
Cell: 954-332-3111
Fax: 954-688-2561


Moraitis, Cofar, Karney & Moraitis

John Quailey, Esq.
Phone: 954-563-4163
Cell: 954-629-7312
Fax: 954-563-5913
Website: mcklaw.com

Murray & Simmons, LLP

Stephen J. Simmons, Esq.
Phone: 954-467-2000
Fax: 954-467-2306

Optimum Closings, LLLP

Cody Lampariello
Phone: (954) 832-3650
Cell: 786-427-4770
Fax: 954-3431414
Website: www.optimumclosings.com

Title/Mortgage Services.

Real Estate Law Firm

Gregory Taylor, Esq.
Phone: 954-763-6553
Cell: 954-763-6553
Fax: 954-206-0161

Attorney/Legal Services.

Sirote & Permutt, P.C.

Matthew Feluren, Esq.
Phone: 954-828-1100
Cell: 954-828-1134
Fax: 954-828-1101
Website: www.sirote.com

Strock & Cohen, Zipper Law Group, P.A.

Barton Strock
Phone: 954-659-2220, Ext. 208
Fax: 954-384-4575
Website: www.strocklaw.com



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